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Why All Your Marketing Efforts Have Come To Nothing
by: Mal Keenan
Copyright 2004 Mal Keenan

How often have you responded to email from those in your downlines asking for advice on how best to run their online businesses and finding it increasingly frustrating that things JUST aren't working out as planned?

I myself see the same problems day and daily and it always point back to the same core issues. Let me explain one of them...

The very ethos of network marketing is based on sharing the products and services that you have found helpful in your journey towards success. The fact that you get paid for this is definitely a BIG bonus but networking can be found in everyday examples where people aren't being paid. For instance when people see a great movie, they tell others who in turn pass it on to create a blockbuster hit.

Word of mouth definitely is the best form of advertising and networking. The main point in the above example is that folks are being honest about their observations and this is picked up on by their fellows and so and and so forth down the line.

The problem with many network marketers is that they ARE NOT being honest in their dealings with online prospects. Their emails or telephone conversations are promoting something that they don't really believe in and this belief is being transferred to the people they are trying to recruit.

You cannot sell something that you don't absolutely believe in yourself, or at least you will find it extremely difficult to do so and all your efforts will result in ultimate failure.

The words coming from our mouths are actually a very small percentage of what is actually being communicated and even the tone of our email ads can scream "Scam" at prospects without us even knowing it.

This has been a fact in all my online dealings and yet it is something that is not easy to explain to newcomers who come online and believe that it is only a matter of "click send" and a ready acceptance of multiple checks in the mail.

Obviously the way around this problem is to promote those products and services that you actually DO believe in. From I have come online I have to say that the companies out there that inspire confidence have been by far in the minority.

Many companies will take your money and run and when you are the type that hands out money hand over fist with no money management skills, it is a welcome surprise to find a company that will actually teach you such skills and allow you to earn as you do.

I myself am a member of such a team and it is a perfect example of something that I truely CAN believe in, and this belief like mentioned above, is exuded to those I come in contact with through email promotions and online ads.

In conclusion, if you are choosing to promote products or services online ensure that they are something that you can honestly pass on to prospective affiliates and feel good in doing so. Your success ulimately depends upon it.

About the author:
Mal Keenan is editor and publisher of Home Business Tips Newsletter: a company that you can believe in join my team below:

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